3 nights a week, 52 weeks a year, Highgate Greyhound Stadium in South Yorkshire draws a motley crew of characters to the world of flapping - independent, unregulated greyhound racing.

In the days when the mines dominated this region, flapping was a way of life here. But as the mines have closed, so have the tracks.

In 1948, there were over 130 flapping tracks in the UK. By 1984, the year of the miners strike, there were less than 60. Today there are just 11. The tracks may be dwindling, but to those involved flapping remains an obsession and Highgate is at the centre of these dogmen's lives. At Highgate, 'Tricky' Russ, is in charge and as proprietor is all powerful in this unregulated world - his detractors are convinced he is fiddling. But financially, the track is in trouble and his son shows no interest in entering the family business. In step the track's rough hewn landlords, who have regretted their decision to lease the track and are now determined to restore it to its former glory.

Chock full of memorable characters, thick accents and salty language, The Flapping Track is not to be missed.