Victoria Pendleton is the most compelling sportswoman in Britain. As brutally honest and revelatory on camera as she is driven and competitive when flying around a steeply banked bowl of a cycling track, Pendleton offers a rare insight into the way an otherwise ordinary life has been consumed by the sacrifice and intensity required to win an Olympic event.

The 30 year-old sprint cyclist is already an Olympic champion, having won gold in Beijing in 2008, but in Cycling’s Golden Girl she takes us on a bruising and intimate personal journey. Stretching herself to breaking point in pursuit of three cycling gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012, Pendleton attempts to overcome the doubts and fears that make her such an extraordinary but vulnerable young woman.

This is a not a sporting documentary; it is, rather, a story about love and betrayal, families and loneliness, nightmares and dreams of soaring hope and ambition.