‘Hillsborough’ is an in-depth, moving account of Britain’s worst sporting disaster in which 96 men, women and children were killed, hundreds injured and thousands traumatised.

Beginning with that fateful day, April 15th 1989, the film details the horror of the tragedy, told through the experiences of those directly involved: fans, survivors, family members and police officers. Many speak publicly for the first time.

It captures the horror of the crush on the terraces, revealing the prejudices held by the police towards football fans. It exposes the police commanders’ abject failure in leadership as the tragedy unfolded, and their deceit and determination to deflect responsibility for their failures in crowd management onto those who survived.

‘Hillsborough’ exposes the lack of dignity shown to bereaved families as they arrived in Sheffield to identify their loved ones laid out in body bags on a gymnasium floor. It considers the impact of the orchestrated vilification of fans in the media and, as a consequence, their public condemnation. Interviewing those involved, it recounts the 27 year campaign for justice fought on behalf of the 96 who died.

Hillsborough on BBC2 at 9pm on Sun 8th May. 

We are pleased to announce that the film will also be screened this weekend at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield and FACT Cinema in Liverpool.

The Showroom times are:   
Fri 6th May - 8pm
Sat 7th May - 5.45pm
Sun 8th May - 3.15pm

Screenings at FACT will be at the following times: 
Fri 6th May - 6.30pm
Sat 7th May - 6.30pm
Sun 8th May - 3pm